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Vegetable Arroz

Paella's vegetable-friendly cousin

How To ... Make and Eat Paella

Paellas and other arroces are easier to make at home than you may think

Las Fiestas de San Fermín

The Sanfermines festival of Pamplona is one of Spain's most iconic celebrations

Pan con Tomate

A simple, delicious accompaniment to cheese, jamón, y más

How To … Throw a Tapas Party

Whether you’re in Madrid or Manhattan, you can host your own tapas party

Sangría Roja

A delicious take on the classic Spanish summer punch

Sangría Rosada

A summer refresher perfect for your backyard or the beach

Gazpacho al estilo de Tichi

Tichi Andrés, José's wife, shares her recipe for the Spanish summertime classic

Cocas de San Juan

Catalans celebrate Solstice with this sweet treat

How To ... Order a Beer en Español

It’s not quite as simple as “Una cerveza, por favor.”


A simple Basque beverage perfect for the beach

Chiringuitos, Spain's Mythical Beach Restaurants

When you need a break from the sun, the chiringuito's the place to go

How to ... Summer Like a Spaniard

El Verano is upon us

The Ultimate Gin & Tonic

One of Spain's – and José's – favorite cocktails


A garlicky, creamy complement to your cooking


The fundamental building block for Spanish cooking

Tortilla Española

The classic Spanish omelette