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How to ... Summer Like a Spaniard

El Verano is upon us

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How to ... Summer Like a Spaniard

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How to ... Summer Like a Spaniard

In Spain, summer is a magical season – days are long and hot, the sun sets late, and everything slows down a few notches. How do Spaniards celebrate el verano

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We'd love to celebrate with you this summer. Here's how we'd do it, Mercado Little Spain-style:

Come and stop by Bar Celona for a cold caña of beer (or a tubo, a doble, or a porrón ... just learn how to order a beer en español first). Or if cerveza's not your thing, a refreshing glass of sangría will do just fine. 

Get a plate of Paella Valenciana at the Paellas al Plato kiosk.

Grab a Corte Helado (ice cream sandwich, Spanish-style) at the Helados kiosk.

Finish your meal with a gintonic from Diner Bar.

Then get some vegetables to take home and grill from the Frutas y Verduras kiosk, along with a copy of José Andrés's newest best-selling cookbook, Vegetables Unleashed.

Just remember, don't wake up early and don't run ... you have all day ahead to enjoy the sun. 

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