The Mercado

The Mercado (or Market) area of Mercado Little Spain is its very heart – a bustling area inspired by the many historic market halls throughout Spain. Spanish mercados are farm stands, food stalls, bars and grocery stores, all under one roof. They are a cornerstone of neighborhoods and cities throughout the country. 

In the market, you’ll find a number of food kiosks serving every type of Spanish delicacy, both sweet and savory, for you to enjoy while at the Mercado or to take away, as well as two bars, a coffee shop, and full-service restaurants Mar and Leña on its periphery.

¡Bienvenidos y Buen Provecho!

Paella Al Plato Churros Pasteles Helados Pescados & Mariscos Tortilla de Patatas Pulpo & Mejillones Bravas Jamón & Queso Vinos La Barra Colmado Bar Celona Bocatas &Empanadas Bar Manolo Kiosko Cocas Frutas &Verduras Diner Bar Plaza Alta WC
Spanish Diner
An Iberian take on the classic American all-day restaurant and bar, featuring larger portions of Spanish favorites in a casual, high-energy opened air space under the High Line. Open daily from noon to 9 PM.
La Barra
To truly understand Spanish cuisine, it’s necessary to dive deep into the world of tapas. At La Barra, you’ll have the opportunity to do so, exploring the many beloved dishes from tapas bars all around Spain.
El Chiringuito
At Little Spain's Chiringuito, it's Beach Vibes only all summer. Inspired by the oceanside bars that dot the sandy shores of Spain, El Chiringuito is a casual outdoor restaurant serving a selection of drinks, tapas, salads and sandwiches. Available for walk-in dining, stop by any time to enjoy a bite outside and be transported to la playa immediately.
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Diner Bar
Cocktail Bar

Here, at the bar of Spanish Diner, find a great selection of Spanish signature cocktails, beers, wines and other libations highlighting the best of España. !Salud!

Open at 3pm todos los días

Wine Bar

Come discover the vast range of Spanish wines, from the volcanic soils of the Canary Islands to the rolling hilltop vineyards of Rioja.

Open at 3pm todos los días

Bar Celona
Cocktail Bar

Grab a seat and enjoy the many libations Spain has become known for, from vermouths to their iconic gin & tonics to sangria, beers and wines.

Open at 11am todos los días

Bar Manolo
Bar Manolo

Inspired by a long line of neighborhood bars and restaurants, the kind of place you stop by for a bite and a drink on your way to dinner, a lively corner where everyone knows tu nombre.

Retail Shop

Bring Mercado Little Spain home! Everything you need to recreate your favorite Spanish meals – or to throw an authentic Spanish fiesta – is available.

Open at 11am todos los días


Perk up your place or shower your nearest and dearest with a bundle of fresh flores.

Open at 11am todos los días

Gift Shop

Whether you’re shopping for family and friends or just treating yourself, show your love for Spain with gifts and souvenirs direct from España.