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September 2 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

José Andrés Foods Tomate Frito Tasting



In celebration of Tomatina, we will feature tomato based products for sampling at Colmado.

José Andrés Foods Tomate Frito

100% Spanish ingredients make this sauce as authentic as it gets - time-tested techniques bring it to your table with a freshness you won't believe. Onions, green peppers and garlic harvested during the months of August and September are sautéed in oil in small batches to bring out their intense natural sweet flavor. Then we add the sweet pear tomatoes without any additional water or other additives that might change the homemade flavor of this recipe. We pack it fresh and ship it right away - the rest is up to you. With so many uses for a rich purée like this one, the question is which one to try first!